proDERM Pharma

Be it Local Tolerability, Bioequivalence or Proof of Concept; a monocentre or multicentre trial: proDERM Pharma accomplishes dermatological and ophthalmological clinical trials according to ICH-GCP Guidelines.

proDERM Medical Devices

proDERM medical devices specializes in the investigation of medical devices applied to the skin, eyes or oral cavity.

proDERM Cosmetics

Whether the objective is to meet legal requirements or to obtain a competitive advantage through a particularly strong claim, proDERM Cosmetics supports you with tolerability testing and demonstration of efficacy for cosmetic and consumer products.

proDERM Food Supplements

proDERM Food Supplements investigates nutritional supplements aimed at achieving an external skin care or hair care benefit or increasing protection of the skin from environmental toxins.


Claim Support of Anti-Aging Hair Care Products

proDERM introduces study package to investigate Anti-Aging effects

Fully automated: detection of hair and evaluation of hair parameters

proDERM launches new method to support claims for hair removal products

Confidence through Quality!

A label generating additional benefit: increase confidence in your product with the proDERM Qualiy Seal.