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Efficacy studies for hair care products

Our hair laboratory offers a wide range of biophysical tests to determine efficacy of hair care and hair styling products. The spectrum ranges from combing force tests for demonstrating conditioning effects through tension measurements for the determination of hair repair effects to measurement methods that demonstrate styling effects such as curl retention or volume determination.

Since each test design examines a special feature, different methods can also be combined. For example, the combination of combing force on wet hair can be combined with a flexibility test on dry hair to get a comprehensive proof of efficacy.

In addition to biophysical methods, proDERM Cosmetics also offers in-vivo demonstration of efficacy such as hair shine testing using a panel test, anti-dandruff studies and of course studies to investigate the hair growing potential of cosmetics.

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  • Wet and Dry Combing Force
  • Combing Out Force
  • Flexural Strength
  • Flexural Strength Hysteresis
  • Hair gloss panel-Test
  • Breaking force on single hair fibers
  • Assessment of colour protection on
    coloured hair tresses applying
    radiation or elution
  • Friction Force
  • Suppleness on Hair
  • Tensile strength on single hair fibers
  • In vivo Tolerability tests for Hair Care,
    Hair Cleaning, and Hair Styling products
  • Consumer Test
  • Consumer Test to assess the scalp tolerability
  • Shaving studies
  • Anti-Dandruff
  • Hair Loss
  • Hair Growth
  • Epilation


  • Universal Testing Machine for Force Measurement
  • Tensile Tester and specific equipment
  • Hair Tress Length Measurements
  • Expert Panel Assessment
  • Image Analysis
  • Chromametry


  • Hair-Shampoo
  • Hair-Conditioner
  • Colourisation
  • Hair-Styling
  • Hair-Dryer spray
  • Anti-Dandruff-Shampoo
  • Anti-Hair Loss
  • Hair Growth
  • Hair Removal Products