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Efficacy and tolerability of mouth care products

Products that are applied in the oral cavity can be evaluated using different criteria, such as bad breath, tooth color, plaque, gingivitis and sensitivity. In each case, proDERM Cosmetics has an appropriate method to demonstrate efficacy.

Validated methods such as OralChroma, Odor Judges trained by proDERM and unique image assessment methods such as the proDERM USR-CliP (Unit for Standardized and Reproducible Clinical Photography) are used.

Our dentists were trained at reference centres specifically for studies evaluating numerous parameter. For our studies, approximately 1,000 subjects who have been “prescreened” with regard to their dental status are available. This enables fast and effective recruitment, even for studies with a high number of test subjects.

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Quick Info
  • Oral Malodor
  • Teeth colour determination
  • Plaque-evaluation
  • Plaque Regrowth
  • Gingivitis-evaluation
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • OralChroma
  • Halimeter
  • Sniffing Experts
  • Vita Shade-Ranking Guide
  • Image Analysis (USR-CliP)

Appr. 1.000 prescreened subjects regarding dental status.
Among those are:

  • healthy teeth (complete set of teeth)
  • sensitive teeth
  • bad morning breath
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouth rinse
  • Tongue cleaner
  • Tooth care chewing gums
  • Whitening - products