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Consultancy – on the right path from the very beginning!

With the standard methods established at proDERM, we are well prepared for challenges as a partner in the testing of dermatological, allergy, eye and dentistry products.

The diversity of innovation among our clients, however, leads to ever new individual needs that cannot be answered with the usual scientific methods. Often, new questions are only answered if new paths are blazed.

The "Consultancy" area opens the appropriate doors for you. This is where all our experience of recent years combines with our scientific know-how and multitude of ideas into a unique problem-solving competence, which we offer you even in the study planning phase, and which will accompany you through to the conclusion of the study.


Claim Support of Anti-Aging Hair Care Products

proDERM introduces study package to investigate Anti-Aging effects

Fully automated: detection of hair and evaluation of hair parameters

proDERM launches new method to support claims for hair removal products

Confidence through Quality!

A label generating additional benefit: increase confidence in your product with the proDERM Qualiy Seal.