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Quality Management

Quality is an abstract concept. He comes from the Latin and means something like "consistency, characteristics”. For us, this means that we must take into account a multitude of explicit as well as implicit requirements: the legal and normative requirements, the individual needs of our sponsors and, of course, the demands on ourselves.

The following aspects of quality are our highest priority: compliance with ethical standards, current legal requirements and norms, the assurance of credible, valid data, reliable compliance with target dates, and, last but not least, the continuous improvement of our services.

Our quality management system helps us to effectively meet the demands placed on us. Continuous quality checks at every stage of data collection and processing, system- and study-specific audits and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in which we define the quality requirements of our activities, which enable us to monitor them, are part of our system.

News and Events

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proDERM introduces study package to investigate Anti-Aging effects

Fully automated: detection of hair and evaluation of hair parameters

proDERM launches new method to support claims for hair removal products

  • 2001 (First Certification)
  • 2002 (First control audit)
  • 2003 (Second control audit)
  • 2004 (First prolongation audit)
  • 2005 (Third control audit)
  • 2006 (Fourth control audit)
  • 2007 (Second prolongation audit)
  • 2008 (Fifth control audit)
  • 2009 (Sixth control audit)
  • 2010 (Third prolongation audit)
  • 2011 (Seventh control audit)
  • 2013 (Fourth prolongation audit)
  • Quality control / In-process control
  • System - and study specific audits
  • Validation and Qualification
  • German Medicines Law (AMG)
  • ICH Guideline for Good Clinical Practice
  • German Medical Devices Law (MPG)
  • Norm ISO 14155-1 and ISO 14155-2
  • German law for food, utensils and
    animal feed
  • Nutraceuticals regulation

In October 2013 our ISO 9001:2008 certificate has been prolonged. The certificate may be downloaded here.