Gruppenbild Team proDERM

proDERM celebrates its 25th anniversary

On 27.9.2019 we celebrated our 25th birthday. We take this opportunity to introduce you to the development of ‘proDERM’ in the form of company milestones. But it should not stay that way. Over the next 12 months, we will publish regular updates on various topics, which will always be related to the anniversary. Attractive downloads and prize draws where you can win a voucher for the ‘proDERM Academy’ will also be included.

It is worthwhile for you to look into this channel again and again. If you have not yet registered for our ‘proDERM Update’, you can do this here.

Enjoy the reading.

proDERM 2.0

In our first anniversary issue of the ‘Update’,  Prof. Wilhelm looks back on 25 years proDERM. In addition, we report on the progress of the reconstruction work and offer a webcast on the subject of ‘full hair’. A picture gallery of our anniversary celebration shows how we celebrated the 25th birthday. Furthermore, we offer you our new floor plans and the handout of the webcast for download.