‘Research to rely on’ – so much more than a  Slogan

With a little pride we can say that we have established an excellent reputation as a reliable high-quality provider of clinical trial services on the basis of outstanding technical set-up and expertise. From our headquarter location in Schenefeld/Hamburg we offer both single and multicentric studies for a variety of industries.

Our corporate name proDERM shall express our vision. The prefix ‘pro’ stands for professionalism as well as for the Latin word meaning ‘for’ as it relates to dermatology.

Our corporate logo requires a little more explanation: the pyramid. A pyramid needs a solid base. Then it is constructed layer by layer to ultimately reach the top. Solidity, corporate goals geared towards long-term success and the aspiration to provide timeless, reliable, top-quality services are all things that we associate with the pyramid.

And our values go with the logo as well: A sense of responsibility, professionalism, scientific knowledge and reliability – today as good as in 1994. These have always formed the core of our identity – our proDERM DNA.

The values of the proDERM-DNA

  • Responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Scientific knowledge
  • Reliability
  • Innovative technologies and methods
  • Expertise

How our clients rate us on a scale from 0 to 10


We and our CLIENTS

  • We respect the fact that our clients are people from different enterprises and countries. We cater to their personality and individual needs.
  • We behave towards our clients in a service-oriented, friendly and obliging manner.
  • We see ourselves as professional consultants, a competent service provider and a reliable partner to our clients.


  • Our study subjects are indispensable. Without them, we cannot offer our services on the market.
  • In each study, the safety of our subjects is our first concern.
  • We maintain open, friendly, personal contact with our subjects.
  • We treat our subjects’ personal information with strict confidentiality.


  • Our understanding of quality is to place the highest demands on ourselves and our work.
  • For us, quality means to know the needs of our clients and to meet their expectations in every task set for us while making no compromises to our ethical and scientific standards.
  • We attach special importance to the validity and accuracy of our methods, the qualification of our technologies, and the competence of our staff.

Statements with regard to our CORE COMPETENCE

  • We are experts: We are specialized in studies in the fields of skin, mucosa, hair, eyes and the oral cavity.
  • We offer solutions: We have a wide range of already established investigation procedures at our disposal, develop new study designs and are also able to cope with challenging recruitment requirements.
  • We set benchmarks: We invest in new technologies and scientific methods, thus ensuring our competitive edge in the competition.