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The proDERM Quality Seal – ‘Dermatologically Approved’

The use of quality seals did not spare the cosmetics market. Since the majority of cosmetic purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, this is a perfectly understandable development. As the number of labels increases so does the transparency. Consumers are becoming more and more uncertain due to the shear number and various types of seals that exist. “Dermatologically tested”, “clinically tested”, “allergy-friendly” – only a strong seal can provide the desired differentiation. This is where our proDERM Quality Seal comes in. We deliberately want to distance ourselves from meaningless statements. Our seal „dermatologically approved“ should appear only on products that were actually tested for “Body and Soul”. Products we can recommend without reservations to consumers and which we even use personally. The process to attain a seal consists of 6 steps:


Formulation check


Tolerability Test


Use Test







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Confirmed by the decision of British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

proDERM Quality Seal provides solid substantiation of “dermatologically approved” claims

On February 1st 2012 the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) resolved a complaint which challenged advertisements including the proDERM Quality Seal (Complaint ref.: A11-164348). The complaint referred to magazine and internet advertisements and questioned whether the claim “recommended by dermatologists to be used on sensitive scalps” was based on sufficient robust substantiation. The claim was applied together with the logo of the proDERM Quality Seal “dermatologically approved”. In their statement the ASA noted that the inclusion of the proDERM Quality Seal into the ads “made clear that proDERM was one of the sources of the claim”. Therefore the claim was considered as substantiated and “the ads were not misleading“. This recent decision by the ASA confirms the proDERM Quality Seal approach based on corporate independence, a stringent testing approach and highest quality standards. It also shows that – even for challenging claims – the expert opinion of proDERM and the Quality Seal can be the decisive parameter for a successful marketing campaign.

kade quality seal dermatologically approved proderm

Skin-tolerant products for the intimate hygiene

Dr. Kade Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH

The product “KadeFungin® Milchsäurekur” by the pharmaceutical producer DR. KADE Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH, specialist in Gynaecology, Proctology and pain therapy carries the proDERM quality seal “dermatologically confirmed”. The microbial settlement which exists naturally in the female genital area is called the vaginal flora. This flora is the basis for the formation of an acidic environment, which protects against bacterial infections. The natural protection of the vaginal flora is at risk if this environment is disturbed, causing its pH value to decrease. “KadeFungin® Milchsäurekur” is supposed to stabilize and regenerate an imbalanced vaginal flora. In order to do so, the product contains lactic acid components which are embedded in a moisturizing gel.
The mucous tolerability of the product components were at first examined in a repetitive patch test. Subsequently, “KadeFungin® Milchsäurekur” was tested on 23 female subjects in a one-week use test. The genital area was dermatologically and gynaecologically examined, prior to, and after, application. Furthermore, at the end of the study, selected product properties were assessed by the subjects themselves.proDERM assessed a very good mucous tolerability in the patch test. The product achieved a very good result in the use study with regard to the tolerability. The subjects also assessed the product properties as good to very good. Further information on www.kadefungin.de

profas quality seal dermatologically approved proderm

Approved skin tolerance for protective gloves

Profas GmbH & Co. KG

The following products by the company PROFAS GmbH & Co. KG, specialized in hand protection, have obtained the proDERM quality seal “dermatologically approved”.

  • „uvex phynomic foam“
  • „uvex phynomic x-foam HV“
  • „uvex phynomic allround“
  • „uvex phynomic wet“
  • „uvex phynomic wet plus“
  • „uvex phynomic XG“
  • „uvex phynomic lite“
  • „uvex phynomic lite w“
  • „uvex phynomic pro“
  • „uvex phynomic C3“
  • „uvex phynomic ESD“
  • „uvex phynomic C5“

UVEX SAFETY Gloves GmbH & Co. KG is the centre of competence for hand protection within the uvex safety group, a producer of protective products for the everyday industrial working environment. The product range includes for example products protective to the eye, hearing, head, breath, foot and hand. In the area of hand protection, protective gloves in coated and uncoated designs are developed, for a vast number of purposes against mechanical and chemical risks for the hands. proDERM has examined the skin tolerability of the hand protective products in different and independent studies. The irritating potential of the products were primarily examined in a 3 x 24 h patch test on 32 subjects and dermatologically assessed. In a following use-test, 20 subjects used the test products during their everyday professional life, 8 hours daily for 2 weeks. Finally, the corresponding skin areas were assessed by a physician. In both studies, the products showed high skin tolerance, which is from now on confirmed by the proDERM quality seal. www.uvex-safety.de

procter gamble quality seal dermatologically approved proderm

Skin compatibility of Naturella® products

Procter and Gamble

proDERM is awarding the quality seal “dermatologically approved” to the Naturella® brand of women’s hygiene products made by the consumer goods manufacturer Procter and Gamble. Under the Naturella® brand, Procter and Gamble has developed women’s hygiene products which cater to the specific needs of the delicate skin of the genital area. A “cream balm” enriched with chamomile extract is applied to each Naturella® sanitary napkin, which is transferred to the skin when worn, thus protecting and nourishing it. The skin compatibility of the Naturella® products and the effectiveness of the “cream balm” have been demonstrated in several studies. proDERM also intensively tested the products “Pad Ultra”, “Pad Thick”, “Liners Chamomile”, “Green Tea Magic”, “Calendula Tenderness”, “Liner Chamomile Plus” and “Liner Clementine” in repeated patch tests on 33 volunteers. After application of the products to the skin over 4 x 24 hours, the corresponding areas of the skin were dermatologically assessed. This allowed the dermatologists to certify a very good skin compatibility, which is now confirmed by the “proDERM seal”.

attends quality seal dermatologically approved proderm

Skin-tolerant products for the intimate hygiene

Incontinence is an involuntary leakage of urine, faeces or both. It can affect anyone and there are different types and levels of incontinence which can be cured. During treatment or if treatment is not possible, people can use disposable incontinence products. In Germany alone more than 6 million people are estimated to have incontinence products. It is important that these types of products absorb urine otherwise the skin remains wet and this may result in skin irritation.

Attends Healthcare have developed a range of disposable incontinence products using core technology and materials that enable the pads to absorb urine quickly and lock the urine away in the superabsorbent core and so help to keep the skin dry and healthy. The following Attends products have been tested and dermatologically approved by proDERM for skin health – Attends Soft, Attends Contours Regular and Air Comfort, Attends Pull-On, Attends Slip Active and Regular, Attends Flex, Attends Adjustable and Attends Cover-Dri.

proDERM has tested the skin tolerance and the effects on skin health of Attends incontinence products with repetitive patch tests for 3 days which were then assessed on a daily basis which confirmed the skin tolerability of the products. In addition in use product testing has also been completed and the products in use performance relating to skin health is continuously monitored by proDERM on a quarterly basis.

Further Information available on www.attends.eu

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