Our Team Customer Relations & Sales

Iryna Kruse
Director Customer Relations & Sales

With her extensive scientific background in cosmetic research and her passion for consulting, Iryna helps our clients to develop a study design that is aligned with their individual goals. In her previous position as a Project Manager at proDERM, she gained deep knowledge in hair care and antiperspirant/deodorant testing. Iryna is a member of the DGK 'Hair' group. She started her professional career after obtaining a diploma in biology and completing a PhD in cancer research.

M: IKruse@proDERM.de
F: +49-40 839 358-292
Simon Grundy
Senior Business Development Manager

Simon Grundy is primarily responsible for clients based in United Kingdom, France and USA. A Biologist by training, Simon has held various positions within different life sciences companies over the past 25 years and before joining proDERM he was Managing Director of a testing institute located in the UK. On the basis of his extensive experience in servicing international clients and conducting clinical trials, Simon is well placed to guide you through options for test designs and the application of specific methods to achieve your research goals.

M: SGrundy@proDERM.de
F: +44-7495 8368-71
Sandra Bleckwenn
Senior Business Development Manager

Sandra started with proDERM in 2014, initially as a Project Manager. She is a veterinary surgeon by training with several years of experience in preclinical and clinical research. Sandra started her career in the European Surgical Institute which is aimed to educate in the field of minimal invasive procedures. She then held positions as Department Manager and Project Manager before being engaged in the clinical development of medical devices as staff scientist.

M: SBleckwenn@proDERM.de
F: +49-40 839 358-28
Lorena Bechthold
Business Development Manager

Dr. Lorena Bechthold strengthens our team since January 2020. Lorena holds a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Manchester and has successfully developed a novel measurement method for the quantification of the hair movement. Her doctoral thesis was realized in cooperation with the company Henkel AG & CO. KGaA, Germany and was awarded with the SEPAWA Young Researcher Award 2019. 

M: LBechthold@proDERM.de
F: +49-40 839 358-88
Antoine Jourdren
Business Development Manager

Before Antoine joined our team, he was Area Sales Manager for several French companies with different national locations in Europe. His multi-cultural experience allows him to adapt quickly to new challenges and environments. As a result, he quickly became a real asset in our scientific environment.

M: AJourdren@proDERM.de
F: +49-40 839 358-19
Kathrin Friedrichsen
Business Development Manager

Kathrin Friedrichsen has been a member of our team since 2019. She advises our customers mainly on sunscreen testing issues, but also in other areas. Kathrin has a master's degree in pharmaceutical biotechnology. In her master thesis she worked on the topic 'Optimisation of the Expression Conditions and Reaction Conditions of NahK and GlmU for the Production of UDP-GlcNAc'.

M: KFriedrichsen@proDERM.de
F: +49-40 839 358-293
Annalena Eilers
Business Development Manager

Annalena joined our team in March 2021. In her previous position as a study nurse at proDERM, she was able to build up extensive expertise in the field of study implementation. She started her career  as a master's student in our Hair Care department. In this position, she focused on the 'Optimization of imaging measurement methods for the determination of hair breakage and hair volume as well as the development of a method for the measurement of static charge of hair'.

M: AEilers@proDERM.de
F: +49-40 839 358-27
Natascha Ansah
Business Development Manager

Natascha joined our Customer Relations & Sales team in May 2021, after having been engaged in different positions in the cosmetic industry. She received her M.Sc. in International Business at the KU Leuven University in Belgium, has gained multi-cultural experience while studying in Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark and speaks French, English, Dutch and Danish.

M: NAnsah@proDERM.de
F: +49-40 839 358-319
Sanja Lensch

Sanja Lensch is assisting the Customer Relations & Sales Team as a Trainee since May 2021. Through the ongoing master program in Cosmetic Science and the experience she made in formulating new skincare products over the course of three years, she brings in the required expertise to support the team.

M: SLensch@proDERM.de