Virtual tour

Visit our research area proDERM ‘Solaris’

Our in-house study locations are in the west of the Hamburg metropolitan region: in Schenefeld and Elmshorn. At our main location in Schenefeld we have three examination areas called ‘Sirius’, ‘Solaris’ und ‘Luna’. These three areas are dedicated to conduct different types of studies. The ‘Solaris’ area, for example, is geared towards the issues of tolerance, pollution, antiperspirants and deodorants. In ‘Luna’ we concentrate on clinical imaging and at the same time we keep a number of general examination rooms available, which we set up study-specifically. ‘Sirius’ is primarily for conducting ‘Hair Care’ studies. At the same time, it includes a separate area for test sample storage.

All areas are located on the upper floor of the shopping mall in Schenefeld, which is frequented by around 20,000 visitors every day. In this respect, we find optimal conditions here for timely recruitment of the test subjects. For ‘Solaris’, we have prepared a virtual tour. Take a look around!