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Efficacy testing of antiperspirants and deodorants

Whether conducting a classic efficacy study, proof of a specific claim, or a comparative assessment of multiple formulation options in a screening – with our offering in the area of “Antiperspirants and Deodorants”, we are well prepared for the versatility of this product category and can serve a variety of testing needs. We investigate the efficacy of antiperspirants with a study design according to the FDA or Clearcast guidelines in which test subjects sweat under standardized conditions in our hot room. During this, one armpit is treated with the test product and the other remains untreated. The sweat is collected with cotton pads and the efficacy of the product determined by gravimetric comparison to the baseline.

The efficacy testing of deodorants is carried out organoleptically with the help of our ‘odor judges’ (‘sniffers’), who evaluate the smell of the sweat by sniffing the armpits of the test persons. In order to be able to present you with meaningful results, we train our “odor judges” on a continual basis. We can tailor both test methods to the specific properties of your product in terms of sweat formation. We can do this, for instance, by physical activity or by creating a stressful situation. We can also test whether your antiperspirant might leave spots behind on textiles.

Our portfolio includes

  • proderm Screening Method (to identify a suitable formulation)
  • Antiperspirant-Test according to FDA-Guidelines
  • Antiperspirant-Test according to Clearcast-Guidelines
  • Yellow spots on white textiles
  • White spots on dark textiles
  • Deodorant Efficacy (Sniff-Test)
  • AT / Deodorant Efficacy related to stress / physical activity