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Testing of Sun Protection Products

proderm has dedicated a specialized department to the testing of sunscreen products. In this spacious facility internationally accepted guidelines are applied in-vivo methods for the evaluation of sun protection. Because these products play a hugely important protective function, contractors and contract research organizations are obligated to take special care in determining the sun protection factor of a product.

For this reason, under the direction of Colipa Taskforce member Stephan Bielfeldt, we have the accuracy of our methods tested at regular intervals in international interlaboratory comparisons and have the proper functioning of our facilities calibrated by external service providers.


studies conducted


subjects enrolled

Study types

  • In vivo Sun Protection Factor Determination
    • ISO Norm 24444:2019
    • Australian/New Zealand Standard Test Method AS/NZS 2604:2021
  • In vivo Sun Protection Factor Determination with Water Resistance
    • ISO Norms 16217:2020, 18861:2020
    • Australian/New Zealand Standard Test Method AS/NZS 2604:2021
  • In vivo UV-A protection
    • ISO 24442:2011
  • We also offer tests in the fields of:
    • Sweat resistance
    • Sand resistance
    • Anti-oxidative effects (UV-A, Blue light)


  • Sun protection products
    • Cremes
    • Sprays
  • Make-up products
    • Foundation
    • Lip stick
    • Powder


The accuracy of our measurement methods is important to us. We have our methods in the area of 'sun protection' checked by the organisation 'Bipea'. For this purpose, we regularly take part in international interlaboratory tests.

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