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Tolerability Near Eyes

Burning, stinging and/or itching around the eyes are the dominant symptoms of an incompatible product when it comes into contact with the eyes – whether intentionally or not. If a product of yours is applied on or near the face, it is essential to subject the product to eye tolerability testing. This is the only way to avoid unpleasant associations with your product and to meet consumers’ expectations.

We would be happy to conduct such opthalmological tests for you. The most conclusive results are obtained with the “Human Eye Irritation Test,” which an ophthalmologist conducts applying slit-lamp technology to determine parameters such as tearing, conjunctiva irritation in the eyelids or eyeball, or dilation of the deep vessels in the eye.

Another method that can be used to determine eye compatibility is the “Eye Tolerability Test.” In this case an ophthalmologist visually examines the eye to look for any changes to the eyelid, inflammation or swelling of the conjunctiva or allergic reactions. Both examinations – the “Human Eye Irritation Test” and the “Eye Tolerability Test” – also include a subjective evaluation by the volunteer.

Our offer

  • Human Eye Irritation Test
  • Eye Tolerability Test