Decision of British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) confirms:

On February 1st 2012 the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) resolved a complaint which challenged advertisements including the proDERM Quality Seal (Complaint ref.: A11-164348).

The complaint referred to magazine and internet advertisements and questioned whether the claim “recommended by dermatologists to be used on sensitive scalps” was based on sufficient robust substantiation. The claim was applied together with the logo of the proDERM Quality Seal “dermatologically approved”.

In their statement the ASA noted that the inclusion of the proDERM Quality Seal into the ads “made clear that proDERM was one of the sources of the claim”. Therefore the claim was considered as substantiated and “the ads were not misleading”.

This recent decision by the ASA confirms the proDERM Quality Seal approach based on corporate independence, a stringent testing approach and highest quality standards. It also shows that – even for challenging claims – the expert opinion of proDERM and the Quality Seal can be the decisive parameter for a successful marketing campaign.