quality seal dermatologically approved

Dermatologically Approved

Relaunch of the proDERM Quality Seal

A strong and meaningful seal not only comes with a powerful claim. Furthermore it is the required testing to obtain a seal, the environment in which the clinical studies are conducted and the visual appearance what we believe to be very important factors. With a completely new design of our seal ‘Dermatologically Approved’ we have now complemented our concept with a strong visual differentiation.

With an increasing number of labels, consumers are becoming more and more uncertain with regard to the decisions they make. Many manufacturers make use of seals to gain a competitive advantage at the point of sales. We have carefully selected the following design and elements in order to be able to provide our licencees with the desired positive differentiation.

Old Design

dermatologicallly approved

New Design

  • Claim ‘Dermatologically Approved’
    We deliberately chose a meaningful claim. ‘Dermatologically Approved’ represents high requirements in the testing phase and the active involvement of medical experts in the conduct of studies.
  • proDERM-seal.org
    We have integrated a landing page url into the seal so that consumers can retrieve important information nice and easy while making purchases.
  • The proDERM Logo
    The centerpiece of our seal is the proDERM logo and therefore everything that we stand for as a test institute: reliability, quality and innovation in clinical research.
  • Design
    The design of the new seal differs significantly from conventional seals in stamp form. Also, the integrated hook visually underpins the dermatological confirmation and the associated good skin compatibility.