Dermatop: Three-dimensional detection of skin texture

Worthwhile investment: An update of the DermaTOP-Software to version 3.1.09 leads to simplified use in the conducting of clinical trials and allows the determination of additional parameters.

Determining the three-dimensional measurements of skin surface texture using fringe projection is a proven tool to demonstrate the efficacy of cosmetic products that are used on the face. By generating 3D structured images various parameters can be calculated such as the roughness parameter Rz. The volume parameter Ra also suggests that a decline in values points to a positive product effect.

The version update comes with a variety of optimizations:

  • Starting now vertical wrinkles such as nasolabial folds can also be measured
  • The volume measurement of “puffy eyes” has been simplified by the use of a new process parameter
  • In addition to the 2D parameters Rz and Ra the 3D parameter “STM” is now available
  • The update allows the calculation of surface area, depth, scope and volume of individual folds/wrinkles
  • Upon request, within the framework of the analysis, a height histogram and its associated parameters can be generated
  • There is an automatic comparison of images of up to three measurement points in the analysis
  • The new software includes an audit trail function that assigns each evaluation specific run/log data

We will happily provide more information on the uses of the DermaTOP software upon request.