proDERM is successively updating its test lab 


The contract research institute proDERM is in the process of updating the test labs at its headquarters in Schenefeld, Germany. During the first phase, additional areas for conducting studies are being created in the recently rented adjacent property. Several exam rooms, a warehouse for samples and an application room will be completed by this summer.


Subsequent construction phases of the current investment plan include remodeling the lab for testing of antiperspirants and deodorants as well as a lab for testing sunscreen products. “Investing in our labs expresses our commitment to continuity as well as our strategy to promote growth,” says Prof. Klaus-Peter Wilhelm, CEO and Medical Director of the institute.


Iris Diebe, assistant to the project manager of these renovations, explains that, after opening a new facility in Elmshorn in 2017, the next logical step is to invest in the labs at headquarters. Since the first phase of construction is happening by adding space, it in no way hinders study conduct in the existing labs.