Efficacy and Claims Support of Anti-Pollution Cosmetics

In a global context consumers show an increasing awareness of air pollution and its consequences for the personal well-being. More and more the air pollution impact on human skin is being discussed at the same time. Consumers wish to additionally protect skin areas which are heavily exposed to air pollution, ie. face or hands. This is especially the case in regions with strongly advanced urbanization and severe air pollution. The cosmetic industry has already provided numerous products with an ‘Anti-Pollution’-claim. However clinical testing methods have not yet been adapted appropriately.

proDERM has recently implemented an innovative procedure which allows controlled, standardized and reproducible testing of Anti-Pollution-Cosmetics. The method is based on cigarette smoke which contains all important classes of pollutants. Two test designs have been developed (instant protection and long term protection).

Dr. Gunja Springmann is happy to answer any questions you may have.