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About proDERM

We are a full service institute for clinical studies in the areas of skin, mucosa, hair, eyes and oral cavity. Our focus is on testing for tolerability and investigating the efficacy of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, consumer products and more. For us, “full service” means supporting you through all the phases of your clinical trial – from planning to the final report. This includes being available to you as a competent partner for all sorts of questions.

“What guidelines must be followed? What instruments should be used? How can the study objective be achieved?” Your clinical trial requires planning tailored to your needs and absolute precision in its implementation. We would like to provide these for you as a professional and reliable research partner.


We test the tolerability and efficacy of various products and perform claim support studies. Therefore, on the basis of our many years of experience and the large number of studies we have already carried out, we can offer you a comprehensive catalog of established test designs. Our corresponding portfolio of studies is no less versatile than your individual study needs might be. This includes in vivo tests as well as tests using biophysical measurement methods. It includes clinical studies with both healthy subjects and symptomatic patients. We can also extend a study to other study centers cooperating with us, if required.

We take various regulatory and legal requirements into consideration depending on the respective test product. Thus we evaluate medicinal products and medical devices strictly according to GCP criteria, once the relevant authorities have issued a positive assessment. We carry out studies on cosmetics and consumer goods in line with GCP, which means we  can submit the corresponding test design to an independent institutional review board (IRB) for ethical review.

GCP-Compliant Clinical Trials

Studies for medicinal products, medical devices and more

Efficacy and Claim Support

Studies for cosmetics, consumer products and more

Tolerability Studies

Studies for the determination of product safety


We can consider a wide range of already established and validated examination procedures in the planning and implementation of your study, based on your needs. The foundation of our methodological diversity is a series of classical in vivo and biophysical procedures for the measurement of standard parameters in our main areas of focus – skin, mucosa, hair, eyes and oral cavity. In addition, spectrometric, imaging, and profilometric methods can be used. This allows the investigation of innovative parameters such as water mobility and papillary density or a global measurement of facial topography. Your options for determining the basis for the evaluation of your study are further enhanced by a wide variety of photography systems, some of which we have developed ourselves, which set benchmarks in terms of reproducibility, standardization, and color fidelity.

Thanks to this methodological diversity, we can frequently offer different solutions for specific questions. We will then decide, together with you, which method best suits your needs.

Dermatologische Studien

GCP-Compliant Clinical Trials

Studies for medicinal products, medical devices and more

Efficacy and Claim Support

Studies for cosmetics, consumer products and more

Bildgebende Verfahren

Nicht invasive, bildgebende Verfahren zur Untersuchung relevanter Parameter wie z. B. Papillendichte, Hautbefeuchtung und mehr

In vivo Molekularanalyse

Spektrometrische Quantifizierung relevanter Parameter wie Wassermobilität, Stratum Corneum Dicke und mehr


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