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Our clinical operations team has gained experience from more than 150 studies of topical and systemic compounds.

Designs for evaluation of safety

Designs for evaluation of safety include:

  • Acute and cumulative cutaneous irritation (21-day cumulative irritation test)
  • Investigation of the sensitization potential (HRIPT)
  • Phototoxicity and photosensitization
  • Skin penetration (Raman)
  • Ocular tolerability
  • Oral tolerability
  • Gynecological tolerability

Designs for proof of concept and efficacy

Designs for proof of concept and efficacy include:

  • Psoriasis plaque test (modified Dumas Scholz)
  • Anti-inflammatory potency (UV-induced erythema model, diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP-sensitization model))
  • UV-induced Herpes simplex labialis model
  • Burn-induced pain model (topical analgesics)
  • Vasoconstrictor assay (skin Blanching)
  • Superficial wound healing (abrasive wound model, suction blister, laser wounds)
  • Efficacy studies in therapeutic areas
  • Anti-itch models (Cowhage, histamine, mosquito itch)
  • Antiperspirant hotroom test
  • Saliva production (salivary flow and viscosity)
  • Antibacterial efficacy (expanded flora test)