New information from attractiveness research

It is considered proven that female attractiveness can be enhanced by decorative cosmetics. What was not known, however, was whether even subtle facial cosmetics can achieve a significant attractiveness effect. This proof has now been provided in a comparative assessment study by the DGK skin care group (Bielfeldt S. et al.) and published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science.

The effect of an unobtrusive foundation and a facial cleanser on perceived attractiveness was investigated. One hundred twenty-three evaluators were presented with facial photos of each study participant, with and without application of the product.

The result? The evaluators assessed the faces of the test subjects with foundation as very significantly more attractive, even though they usually could not say why they had made such a decision. The faces treated with cleanser, however, were assessed as significantly less attractive, supposedly due to the redness that occurred in some cases due to the alcohol content of the cleanser.