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After ‘Solaris’ comes ‘Luna’

Gradual modernisation of our ‘Luna’ unit

Compliance with required standards

Confirmed by audits of DNV-GL and BVMA

Using chances

Increased efficiency through digital business processes

in-cosmetics 2021

Meet us at booth Y24

Three in one: proDERM is set to become even more specialized

We are reorganizing our business into proDERM Consumer, proDERM Clinical and proDERM Consulting.

Local Tolerance of Topical Products

The proDERM Webinar on May 14, 2020

proDERM statement in relation to Covid-19

proDERM statement with regard to covid19

25 Years proDERM

Setting the Course and Founding proDERM 2.0

Investigating the claim ‘Full Hair’

Iryna Kruse presents on the Hairs 2019

Claims Support for Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Simon Grundy informs about the latest developments in the AP/Deo-Segment

proDERM publishes a Whitepaper related to Raman Spectroscopy

The key assets of the method in an overview

proDERM invests over one million euros in expansion

Applying state-of-the-art technology in clinical conduct

A New Era in Dermatology

Meet us at the ‘World Congress of Dermatology’

in-cosmetics 2020

Meet us at booth Z30

Very pleasing development

Two-year anniversary of study site Elmshorn

Implications of the MDR

proDERM establishes strategic partnership and expands the consulting service

Upcoming Webinar: ‘Hair Styling – Testing Methods for Styling Products’

Presentation of methods like Anti-Frizz, Hair Volume, Curl Retention and more

Karabanis Medical is awarded with the proDERM Quality Seal

Skin compatibility of wound dressings is ‘Dermatologically Approved’.

Webinar related to the topic of ‘Healthy Scalp and Hair Conditions’ on Feb 6, 2019

About anti-hair loss, anti-dandruff, hair colors and shampoos

The ‘Local Tolerance Seminar’ in May 2019

The proDERM Academy-Event covering core aspects of the topic

Anti-Pollution and Anti-Static

Register now for our Poster-Webinar-Sessions scheduled for Nov 15

Dermatologically Approved

The proDERM quality seal ‘Dermatologically Approved’ has been completely redesigned and now offers a fresh and unique look.

cosmetic360 in Paris

Learn more about our latest development: the blue light method.

Sepawa Congress in Berlin

Meet us at booth B432.

Cosmetic products for babies and children

proDERM publishes strategies for the tolerability assessment

IFSCC Congress in Munich

We will present new posters related to ‘Microbiome’, ‘Anti-Pollution’ as well as ‘Static Hair’

Clinical methods in the assessment of ageing skin

proDERM publication about new perspectives in claims support

Skin Aging from Exposure to Particulate Matter

proDERM now Assesses the Efficacy of Products Intended to Protect from Particulate Matter

Faster teeth whitening under LED use

proDERM publishes study results in the ‘European Journal of Dentistry’

In vivo analysis of the skin: molecular composition and product penetration

proDERM invests in a new generation of Raman spectroscopy

New Sales Manager UK, France, USA

Simon Grundy strengthens proDERM Business Development Team

‘Raman Spectroscopy on skin – an overview’

Dr. Sabrina Laing to present on the Annual Meeting of the Skin Forum

Stylish Look and Hair Protection

Our poster presented on the ‘8th International Conference on Applied Hair Science’ is now available for download

proDERM to host webinar on ‘Testing Strategies for Antiperspirants and Deodorants’

Learn the insights of efficacy testing of Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Sustainable commitment makes an impact

proDERM Achieves Gold Status on CSR Platform EcoVadis

proDERM to host webinar on hair care claims

The first part of this series will cover claims related to protection and repair if hair

Available for Download: New Publication related to Perspiration and Odor

Perspiration & Odor Testing Methods & New Opportunities for Claims Development

Investing in the Future

proDERM is successively updating its test lab

‘in-cosmetics global’ – Skin Microbiome, Anti-Pollution and more

This year’s “in-cosmetics global” in Amsterdam opens April 17, 2018.

Moisture Mapping – proDERM now measures moisturization of the skin in video

Moisture Mapping – proDERM is offering a new procedure for measuring moisture in the surface of the skin

Determination of important skin parameters by means of Raman Spectroscopy

Learn how to determine important skin parameters by means of Raman Spectroscopy

Claim Support for Hair Care Products

On the HairS-congress proDERM presents a new method for the detection of heat protection

Additional proDERM study site optimizes availability of study participants

Additional proDERM study site optimizes availability of study participants

GCP_compliant imaging, Pilot study on microbiome, Webinar announcement and more

Our first Update in 2017 with the main topics being ‘Clinical Photography’, ‘Sun Protection’ and ‘Raman Spectroscopy’.

Quality Management according to ISO 9001:2015

proDERM successfully switches to new standards derived from quality management guideline 9001:2015

CDISC as a criterion when outsourcing studies

Effects of FDA guidance going into force in January 2017

From dermatologically tested to hypoallergen

About claims and seals for cosmetic products

Living up to social responsibility

proDERM publishes its first Sustainability Report

Efficacy and Claims Support of Anti-Pollution Cosmetics

proDERM has implemented a new method for the efficacy testing of Anti-Pollution Cosmetics

Confirmed through Bipea interlaboratory comparison

2015 test results showed high degree of accuracy for proDERM methods

About Antiperspirants and Aging Hair

Free download of the proDERM ‘Innovation Seminars’

The fundamentals and scientific concepts of hair biology

In June 2015 the proDERM Academy will host the second workshop on Hair Biology

Multi-parametric claims support of facial cosmetics

Request our presentation on multi-parametric claims support of facial cosmetics

Claims support seminar of the ‚proDERM Academy‘

From November 12 -13, 2014 the Seminar takes place in Hamburg

Claims support of Anti-Aging Hair Care Products

proDERM introduces study package to investigate Anti-Aging effects

Fully automated: detection of hair and evaluation of hair parameters

proDERM launches new method to support claims for hair removal products

Possibilities and limitations of determining the water resistance of sunscreen products

Publication about the comparison of screening methods

New information from attractiveness research

Can an inconspicuous foundation improve attractiveness?

Bad breath

A new Oral Care publication on halitosis

Eighth edition of dermatotoxicology

06.11.2012 Eighth edition of dermatotoxicology Just 5 years after publishing the 7th edition, Prof. Klaus-P. [...mehr]

Non-invasive measurement of age-related skin damage

Presentation by Stephan Bielfeldt at the Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference

Decision of British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) confirms

proDERM Quality Seal provides solid substantiation of “dermatologically approved” claims

Innovative Claim Support for Refreshing, Cooling and Soothing products

The proDERM Innovation Seminar during the in-cosmetics in Barcelona

Improvement of scars

proDERM participated in poster session of the European Tissue Repair Society

Non-invasive examination of the epidermal lipid barrier

Results to be presented at the 9th Event of the European Epidermal Research Network

proDERM presents poster on the HairS11

08.07.2011 proDERM presents poster on the HairS11 On this year’s event in Irsee proDERM presents [...mehr]

Dermatop: Three-dimensional detection of skin texture

24.06.2011 Dermatop: Three-dimensional detection of skin texture Worthwhile investment: An update of the DermaTOP-Software to [...mehr]

crisis management


Clinical Studies, Hygiene and Safety at proDERM


In the FactSheets, we describe the background to specific topics for you. You will receive detailed information on the testing options we offer in terms of methods, devices, and study designs. If you are interested in a FactSheet, please use the contact form below.


Acne / Comedogenicity

How to demonstrate the efficacy of Anti-Acne products and how to assess skin tolerance?


Clinical Testing of Anti-Age Products

How to demonstrate the efficacy of products claiming to provide anti-age effects?


Barrier Function: Repair and Protection

How to assess the efficacy of topically applied skin care products managing dry and irritant skin conditions?


Biophysical measurements for Hair

How to demonstrate product efficacy by means of biophysical methods?

All FactSheets

Phototoxicity & Photoallergy

How to evaluate the tolerance and potential of topical and oral drugs to induce an irritant or allergic reaction when skin is exposed to UV radiation.


In Vivo Analysis of the Skin by means of Raman Spectroscopy

How to analyze the skin in specific depths in vivo without disrupting it? How to investigate skin content parameters and penetration of actives?


Sensitive Skin in Clinical Studies

How to demonstrate the effects of topically applied sensitive skin care products and how to assess skin tolerance?


Sensory Assessment of Cosmetic Product Properties

How to assess cosmetic properties in a sensory lab?


Efficacy of Anti-Cellulite Products

How to support claims stating anti-cellulite effects?


Clinical Photography

How to properly generate clinical images and how to provide image documentation?


Efficacy Assessment of Deodorants and Anti-Perspirants

How to support claims related to the control of perspiration and odor?


Hair Growth, Hair Loss and Hair Removal

How to investigate effects of products dedicated to grow or remove hair / protect from losing hair?


Measurement of Adhesive Forces

How to investigate adhesive properties, occlusive properties and tolerability of adhesive tapes, dressings and devices?


Clinical Trials with Medical Devices

Classification, Regulations and Testing


Ophthalmological Control

How to assess the tolerability and efficacy of cosmetics and medicinal products with intended or unintended ocular contact?


Oral Care

How to assess tolerability and efficacy of oral hygiene products?


Skin Microbiome

How to support claims like 'microbiome -friendly' and 'improving the skin microbiome'? How to investigate efficacy of microbiome-related products?


Skin Pigmentation

How to determine the efficacy of products related to skin pigmentation?


Sun Protection

How to properly determine the efficacy of products claiming sun protection?


Wound Healing

How to investigate the efficacy of wound healing products and how to determine adhesive properties of wound dressings?

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Available for download: Our posters presented at scientific congresses.



Penetration of Glycerin into the First Layers of Stratum Corneum measured by in vivo Raman…



“Heat protection – a sophisticated approach to assess protective efficacy against mild damage…



Increasing the negative pressure in the model of generating standardized wounds by the…



Image analysis parameters to quantify the healing of superficial model wounds in vivo…



Extrinsic Hair Aging: Cosmetic Treatment Concepts and Biophysical Test Methods…



New method to assess soft focus parameters on living skin: How does it compare to visual lay…



In Vivo Sweat Resistance Determination of Sun Protection Products…



How can split ends be characterized? New parameters to assess the severity of split…