Anti Pollution Feinstaub Methode

Skin Aging from Exposure to Particulate Matter

proDERM Introduces New Method for Assessing Efficacy of Products Intended to Protect from Particulate Matter

We have expanded our testing of the efficacy of anti-pollution products to include a method dedicated to testing particulate matter. One benefit of the new procedure is that it enables special cleansing products to be tested. It determines whether particulate matter is properly removed. And it examines leave-on products that prevent particulate matter from sticking and make it easier to wash off.

The studies are conducted by applying coal dust PM 2.5 to the test area on the inner forearm of the participants and then washing it off with the test product under standardized conditions. Leave-on products are tested by applying them before exposure to particulate matter. Then a standard surfactant is used to wash off the dust. Finally, the test areas are examined by the persons conducting the study and then evaluated in the form of an image analysis.

The particulate matter method augments the anti-pollution procedure based on cigarette smoke, introduced in January 2016. That procedure exposes the test area to cigarette smoke. Subsequent evaluation is then based on the parameter squalene monohydroperoxide (SQQOH) or malondialdehyde.

Dr. Gunja Springmann would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our anti-pollution portfolio.