Efficacy test and claim support for cosmetic agents

Cosmetic agents are defined as “substances or mixtures intended to come externally into contact with parts of the human body (skin, hair system, nails, lips, and outer intimate regions) or with the teeth and mucosa of the oral cavity for the exclusive or overriding purpose of cleaning, perfuming, altering the appearance, protecting, keeping them in good condition or affecting body odor.” In addition, the EU Cosmetics Regulation states that “in the labeling, making available on the market, and advertising of cosmetic products, no texts, designations, trademarks, images and other pictorial or non-pictorial signs may be used that mimic features or functions which the products in question do not possess.”

The need for scientific evidence and claims support studies resulting from these requirements is met by a large number of established study protocols which are supported either by guidelines such as those issued by the FDA, Colipa, or ISO and/or have been proven over years of practice and thus have been established by us as a standardized solution. In addition, we offer you an expansion of our existing study designs, e.g., by integrating additional parameters or by transferring to another regulatory level. We are happy to develop new study designs in keeping with your specifications and objectives. All studies are conducted under fully standardized conditions. Furthermore, you will receive a detailed interpretation of the study results with the final report.