Testing the efficacy of decorative cosmetics

Studies on the effectiveness of decorative cosmetics such as foundation, eyeliner and lipsticks.

Decorative cosmetics in testing

Decorative cosmetics primarily serve to change the external appearance in terms of increasing attractiveness. Products such as foundation, eyeliner and lipstick are intended to conceal specific minor blemishes or emphasize their advantages. We investigate the efficacy of these products through so-called “evaluator studies” in which clinical photos are taken before and after use with the test product. The corresponding image pairs are then rated by blinded and randomized evaluators for parameters such as “Radiant Appearance”, “Appeal” or “Even Appearance”.

Overview of possible parameters:

  • Mattifying effect
  • Shine
  • Attractiveness
  • Èclat du teint
  • Mascara- single eyelash
  • Mascara- water resistance
  • Shine determination for nail polish

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Cosmetic acceptance

Using an application test, we conduct an investigation of the compatibility and the cosmetic acceptance of decorative cosmetics. The test products are used for a period of several weeks. Test subjects abstain from all products with a similar indication during the trial period, but the remaining care habits are retained. The assessment at the beginning and end of the period of application is carried out by a dermatologist or trained assessor. In addition, questionnaires on the application properties of the products can be filled in by the test subjects.

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Hold and Influence on Attractiveness of Decorative Cosmetics Determined by Subjective Rating and Image Analysis

Since prehistoric ages and early cultures, women have decorated their faces and bodies to improve their appearance and for expressing their social status. Nowadays, decorative cosmetics are more and more refined. Recently, it was shown that their use leads to an improvement in the quality of life of the users. Products like mascara, make-up and lipsticks are promoted with long-lasting claims, covering powers and attractiveness claims. To be able to substantiate such claims, we have developed a standardized evaluation of clinical photographs by either lay person rating or image analysis.

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New method to assess soft focus parameters on living skin: How does it compare to visual lay person rating of skin radiance?

The purpose of this work was to develop a new method to measure soft focus properties of cosmetic products on living forearm skin as a screening method to select a candidate for a larger claim support study with the parameters skin radiance, attractiveness and skin evenness rated by lay persons and trained raters on standardized facial photographs. The results of the claim support study were expected to proof the success of the pre selection method.