Testing the efficacy of hair care products

Proof of efficacy and claim support studies for hair care products using biophysical measurement methods and in vivo studies

Efficacy and claim support for hair care products

We offer a wide range of biophysical test methods for determining the efficacy of hair care and hairstyling products, as well as for carrying out corresponding claim support studies. In our specially equipped hair laboratory, we investigate conditioning, strengthening, and protective product properties. The different methods can also be combined here. In addition to the biophysical methods, we also offer in vivo proof of efficacy such as the hair gloss test by means of panel test, anti-dandruff studies, and of course, studies to investigate products that are supposed to promote hair growth as well.


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We perform proof of efficacy / claim support for the following effects:

  • Anti-frizz
  • Anti-hair breakage, Resistance
  • Anti-pollution
  • Anti-spliss
  • Anti-static
  • Bending stiffness
  • Elastic properties of single hair fibers
  • Color protection
  • Suppleness
  • Shine
  • Thickness
  • Heat protection
  • Smoothness of hair surface
  • Sun protection
  • Protection against hair damage
  • Combing force after styling
  • Curl retention
  • Wet and dry combability
  • Volume increasing styling effects
  • Volume increasing cleansing effects
  • Non-loading effects of conditioners

In-vivo methods

  • Consumer test
  • Consumer test to assess product characteristics
  • Tolerability test
  • Anti-dandruff
  • Anti-hair loss / Hair growth
  • Epilation
  • Shaving studies

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Publication ‚Substantiating Claims for Hair Care Products‘

Abstract: The hair is a complex structure with many variations in coloration and texture, and the brittleness and susceptibility to mechanical injury which causes hair damage, is a common occurrence. Furthermore hair is very easily damaged through exposure to chemicals, the environment and daily styling. With the development of a plethora of innovative hair care products supporting a global multi-billion dollar industry, there is an increasing need for more sophisticated methods to meet the evolution in these product innovations and consumer understanding. Moreover, such methods are also important in light of the legislative requirements for marketing claims substantiation. Methods described herein have been developed, and evolve to ensure reproducibility, validity and relevance from both the clinical and average consumer perspectives.



Hair Growth, Hair Loss and Hair Removal

How to investigate effects of products dedicated to grow or remove hair / protect from losing hair?


Biophysical measurements for Hair

How to demonstrate product efficacy by means of biophysical methods?

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