The fundamentals and scientific concepts of hair biology

Due to the great success of the first ‘Hair Bioogy Workshop’ the proDERM Academy has decided to offer the workshop in 2015 as well.

Under the patronage of Past President and Sectretary of the European Hair Research Society, Dr. Gill Westgate, the proDERM Academy will again host a Workshop dedicated to Hair Biology. Fundamentals and current scientific concepts of hair and scalp biology as well as practical demonstrations of clinical and biophysical research techniques will be covered and presented to a maximum number of 35 attendees.

The 2-Day workshop will be held on June 16 – 17, 2015 in the Hotel ‘Baseler Hof’, Hamburg, Germany. The first day of the workshop features two sessions with an emphasis on ‘Fundamentals of the Hair Follicle’ as well as on ‘Hair Aging’ followed by a cocktail reception and a dinner. The focus of the second day is also defined in two sessions: ‘Hair Fibre Modifications’ as well as ‘Claims’ will be the topics before the workshop moves into the part of practical demonstrations in the proDERM Institute.

The workshop is now open for registrations on www.proDERM-Academy.com