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Geplante Seminare Academy
Hamburg / Deutschland

The workshop extensively covers the fundamentals and current scientific concepts of hair and scalp biology with relevance to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Intensive practical demonstrations of clinical and biophysical hair research techniques will be provided.


  • Hair biology basics including hair formation, pigmentation and the hair cycle
  • Hair Aging: Stem cells, greying, hair loss, fibre changes and consumer and market trends
  • Clinical and experimental methods and latest treatments
  • Biophysical properties of hair and implications for consumer habits
  • Fibre Modification: Origins and modification of hair shape and the impact of home use devices
  • Practical demonstrations in the proderm Hair Clinic and Laboratory

„Informative, interesting, and idea-generating; I have a lot to take back with me.“


„A great choice if you want to get the knowledge about the hot topics in the hair biology, presented by excellent speakers.“


„Even after 20 years in hair science I find these workshops a very useful opportunity to refelect in the current state-of-the-art in a calm and super informative environment.“


Preliminary program

Day 1

9:00 amIntroduction  to Cellular and Hair Follicle Biology
9:15 amThe Development and Anatomy of the Human Hair Follicle
9:45 amStructure of the Hair Fibre
10:15 amThe Hair Growth Cycle and What Controls Hair Growth?
10:45 amCoffee Break
11:15 amWhat Makes Hair Curly?
11:45 amWhat Gives Hair its Natural Colour?
12:30 pmLunch & Networking
1:30 pmUnderstanding Why Hair Loses Colour with Age
2:15 pmUnderstanding Hair Loss: The Impact of Age, Genetics and Therapies
3:00 pmCoffee Break
3:30 pmNutritional Routes to healthy Scalp and Hair Growth
4:15 pmHealthy Scalp = Healthy Hair?
5:00 omEnd of Day 1

Day 2

8.00 amOptical/visual/digital measurement of the hair fibre
8:30 amBiophysical devices for hair benefits
8:45 amAnimal alternatives - new models for hair research - where are we now?
9:25 amCoffee break
10:05 amHair - too much or too little - making the efficacy claim
10:15 amLunch & networking
10:45 amTransfer to proderm labs

Practical demonstrations

3:30 pmPatient demonstration (male and female pattern hair loss)
 Hair growth measurement by phototrichogram
 Demonstration of biophysical measurement techniques
 Dandruff evaluation & quantification
4:30Workshop ends

Waiting list

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