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Skin-tolerant incontinence products

Incontinence signifies a missing or lacking ability of the body to keep the content of the bladder and/or the intestinal contents. Incontinence may occur in many different forms and may be cured successfully. During treatment or in case a treatment is not possible, the affected persons use incontinence inserts or pants for absorption purposes. In Germany alone, more than 6 million people are estimated to have incontinence problems. In case the incontinence product cannot absorb the urine or intestinal contents completely, the skin is exposed to constant contact with humidity. This may result in skin irritation.

With the products Attends Soft 1 – 7, Attends Contours Regulars 1 – 9, Attends Contours Air Comfort 4 – 9, Attends Slip Active 8 – 10, Attends Slip Regular 8 – 10 und Attends Cover Dri Plus, the company Attends Healthcare has developed absorbing incontinence products, by using certain technologies and materials, which enable an absorption of the humidity within the product and with that keep the skin dry.

At first, the absorbency capacity of the products was investigated by Prof. Dr. Jünemann at the Kiel University Hospital in an experimental set-up with a good result. proDERM confirmed the good absorbency quality of the products in a subsequent study on healthy test subjects. These test subjects had to wear humid incontinence products during a 23 hours period of time. Finally, proDERM investigated the irritant potential of the products. In a repetitive, epicutaneous patch test the product components were attached onto 32 test subjects during a period of 84 hours. These areas were dermatologically assessed on a daily basis. In this way, even under particularly strict terms, the skin tolerability of the products was confirmed.

"Dermatologically Approved" by proDERM - this also refers to the intontinence product "Attends Pull-Ons" which proved to realize a good skin compatibility in a use study and tolerability study.

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