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Our study sites

In addition to single-center studies conducted at our own facility, we offer multi-center studies in cooperation with a network of qualified testing centers when the specifications of the study or the objective make this necessary.

Recruiting the proper patients is considered an essential aspect and rightly so: Sponsors are faced with the challenge of finding partners who can act flexibly and reliably to the greatest extent possible when providing patients for their studies. By expanding the proderm network of external testing centers, we are in an even stronger position than before when it comes to attracting such partners. Expansion of the network is a three-phase process:

  • Step 1: Identification of potential testing centers in Germany from an existing study site pool
  • Step 2: Inclusion in the extended network by signing a general confidential disclosure agreement (CDA)
  • Step 3: Qualification and consequent final integration into the existing network

More than 1,000 studies conducted

We are currently engaged in a dialog with identified study centers, having preliminary conversations and – if it has not already occurred – advancing them to the second phase and the respective qualification process.

So far we have been able to advance over 30% of the selected centers to the pre-qualification phase. This requires signing a CDA, which formally signals the intent to work together and enables and accelerates feasibility studies on the practicality of clinical studies. In many cases we have already signed preliminary agreements. This will avoid delays during the initial phase of your study. The qualification process for the testing centers in the extended network can take place either over the course of a study or independently of current projects.

In addition to the proderm facilities in Schenefeld and Elmshorn (both near Hamburg, Germany), our network of external, qualified and pre-qualified study centers currently includes 41 sites throughout Germany. The testing centers in the network have so far conducted over 1,000 clinical studies of pharmaceuticals and medical products. We are already firmly positioned in the fields of dermatology, gynecology and general medicine with this pool. The following table offers an overview of the extended network:

Therapeutic FocusNumber of qualified study sitesNumber of prequalified study sites
Dermatology1 university clinic and 4 doctor’s offices3 university clinics, 1 hospital, 3 SMOs, 6 doctor’s offices
General medicine4 doctor’s offices13 doctor’s offices
Gynecology1 university clinic und 2 doctor’s offices-
Ophthalmology2 doctor’s offices-
Pediatrics1 doctor’s office-