2 Jahre proDERM Elmshorn

Two-year anniversary of study site Elmshorn

On the occasion of the two-year anniversary of our Elmshorn branch, in which we mainly carry out studies with antiperspirants, deodorants and patches, we take stock and acknowledge a great development, which we celebrated together with our study subjects. During an anniversary celebration, interested study participants gained interesting insights into current research projects, while having coffee and cake. In a raffle there were also attractive prizes to win.

In 2017, we established the Elmshorn site with the aim of expanding our recruiting capabilities and increasing our flexibility in conducting the studies. Two years after the opening of Elmshorn one thing is clear: the site has become an ideal addition to our main location in Schenefeld. “Today we are even better able to successfully handle challenging recruitment campaigns, including projects with demanding inclusion criteria as well as short-term studies,” says Dr. Iryna Kruse, who coordinates the activities of the branch.

For further information about Elmshorn, please contact Dr. Kruse directly.