Eighth edition of dermatotoxicology

Just 5 years after publishing the 7th edition, Prof. Klaus-P. Wilhelm, Dr. Hongbo Zhai and Prof. Howard I. Maibach have now completely revised Marzulli and Maibach’s standard reference work in the field of dermatotoxicology.

Thirty-four new articles have been added, covering topics such as safety terminology, pharmacogenetics and dermatology, ethnic differences in skin characteristics, and principles and practices of percutaneous absorption. The new edition now contains a total of 65 contributions spanning more than 500 pages. All of the texts have been organized into a reader-friendly structure that allows individuals to locate their areas of interest quickly.

Other attractive features of this reference work include comprehensive articles from leading international experts and a detailed summary of the regulatory issues surrounding dermal toxicology and pharmacology.

The informa healthcare publishing house website offers an extensive content overview where the beginning of the introductions to each article is available for users to read.